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General problems affecting gamplay.
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Hi folks!

From my point of view there are very few things that could really make Arma a more enjoyable game/sim.

Some features the whole community has been waiting for with eagerness (like weapon resting) didn't make it to the game but it's still ok as long as some little adjustments are done.

Now I will list these little things that really frustrate me the most and what I think should be done in order to really improve the gameplay.

  1. Damage.

It feels really too hard to drop a target.
Even in prone position I sometime find myself killed by unaware AI although I engage and hit first. My target just return near immediate accurate fire and kills me.
Once hit the target capacity to return accurate fire should be greatly impaired.

  1. Weapon sway.

It feels like trying to aim at a target from a boat going through a storm......even a drunk sailor would be more steady.
Aiming sway should be reduced a lot on low stances (kneeling and prone pos).

That's it. I am listing only these things because they directly relate to the core of the infantry game that arma is.

Please feel free to comment add or suggest your point of view, but please keep it constructive.



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I agree the AI just act like you're throwing Maltesers at them :-s
BIS have tried to simulate body armour, but failed to simulate the natural human will to survive so they just stand there taking round after round after round...

You can actually count how many shots will take the enemy down depending where you hit them, It's just boring and unrealistic.