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UnitPlay Randomly Causes Subject Unit to Bounce/Shudder
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As the summary states, the unitplay command will sometimes cause the unit to bounce or judder - at least with wheeled vehicles. I know the command is generally designed for aircraft, but it works well over long distances, such as the MRAP in the first episode of Survive. It almost looks like two vehicles are running the same unitplay command - but this is not the case. {F23995}


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It happens randomly. Use the unitCapture and unitPlay commands on something like a Zamak truck. About one time out of ten it will act strangely.

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Can anyone confirm that they've also experienced this issue?

thank you for reporting the issue, would it be possible to add a simple repro-mission which we can use to reproduce it on our data? It would help us a lot.

Thank you.

Hiya Iceman - I've uploaded a quick demo. Use radio Alpha to activate the Zamak trucks. Note, it doesn't happen every time! You might need to give it a few goes - but it will occur. I can't tell you how much I'd love to get this one fixed! :-p

Hiya again - it appears it only does it the FIRST time you load the mission... I'm not sure if this is the pattern, but it seems fairly consistent at the moment. If you load the mission, it'll happen. Load it a second time and it seems okay. Load another mission in the editor, then go back to the mission, and the same problem will occur. At least, that's what is occurring now!

Works fine for me usually, but it stutters horribly in MP.
Any chance to make the feature fully MP-compatible?
Flying in players with a pre-recorded path would solve a lot of designing issues.

I've managed to implement a workaround - by attaching the unit to a gamelogic and running the unitplay off that. Laxemann - see if that resolves the mp stutter? It might not, but worth a shot!