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A164, Portable AA and gunships lag when engaging or firing
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before an update sometime in April this was not yet an issue. But after the update every time I go for a gun run with jets the game lag like hell and eventually freeze for seconds. This does not only happen to jets, whenever i use vehicles with fast firing weapons and the explosion or the target i shoot at is in a close range, i will get this ridiculous lag. Very same thing happens when i got shot at with a 20mm/30mm or a 40mm grenade launcher. the game will just lag very bad and freeze. I have checked the forums and find out that i am not the only one with this problem.

plus i have a computer that can run Arma 3 very smoothly even in multiplier but this freezing or lag problem happens even in editor with only one jet. the game will lag and freeze when i fire at a empty ground in the editor with the lowest setting and only 500 view range.

I am positive it's not a performance issue from my computer,it's a bug or glitch in the game.


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thank you for submitting the ticket. We have seen reports of this problem but are unable to simulate it in our conditions. Would it be possible to upload a short video showing the FPS drops?

Thank you!

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What's your windows sound sample rate set at?

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I have freezes/stutters as well when doing CAS runs with the main cannon. It only happens when I am zoomed in while approaching the target. Once I get in 1000 meter range it starts to stutter (while firing). I have a pretty slow Gcard though, so it might be that it has trouble rendering the incomming ground details fast enough.

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Here's a short video of it happening:
The shared mode sound format was set to 24 Bit, 192 KHz.
When i set it to 24 Bit, 44.1 KHz, the performance improved significantly.

This also happens when nothing else but me is on the map in a cheetah, holding the fire button down for a few seconds.

I experience the same problem with an upper-mid range PC that experiences no lag or other issues in singleplayer or multiplayer. This is disappointingly not addressed yet, two months later.

This is the video I have of it happening to me in the A-164. Happens in other AA armor vehicles as well, and happens with or without mods. Also pardon the titles cutting off.