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[Feature Request] - Wine & Beer bottles for Shooting Practice!
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Wine & Beer bottles ->>> for target practice.

Broken bottle glass can disappear completely, just like window glass.
Simple - Fun - Easy & Cool New Eye-Candy.

Note: Glass bottles (on a kitchen table) getting shot-up during a firefight, could make indoor shootouts more interesting. The broken glass can disappear on the ground (and disappear from computer memory).


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while its not a bad idea to add destructible objects, we dont really need them.

there are already small objects like soda cans or plastic bottles for this purpose.
their physx behavior when being fired at is lacking though.

Maybe some people don't like the alcohol aspect? But hey, it could be Coke or Pepsi bottles.

that its not related at all with alcohol, its related to the usefullness of making these resources. We are talking about making a few guys model and texture a bunch of bottles and then add physics to it just because you are asking for it, i downvoted the ticket because we already have target practices, wich makes this request kinda pointless

Makes sense Dr. Death. I just didn't think it would take long or be much trouble. Perhaps I'm wrong. If it is difficult or time consuming to make brown bottles that shatter, then you're right. There are a million more important things to fix or add to ARMA3!

I just thought it would be fast & easy for them to code a bottle that shatters and has random colors like green or brown, and it would add to the "WOW" factor for the game. A nice little touch.

Originally I didn't even care about logos. I only wanted a blank bottle that breaks, & comes in various colors. Logos would be time consuming and complicate the process. I just thought that people didn't like the alcohol angle, so I figured it could be a soda bottle instead. I don't care about logos at all.

well...... when you put it that way....... it may be however easier just to mod it instead though.

I'm not a programmer/mod maker, so I wouldn't know. Perhaps you're right.

Having bottle object in game would make it easy to script molotovs. +1

Not really.... although molotovs would make a great weapon for the FIA, if a fire script CAN BE DONE RIGHT.