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Error in eject animation from airplanes
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I have noticed that if the player ejects from a fixed-winged aircraft moving along the ground the player is not given the option to deploy parachute...he/she just falls down to the ground to their death. Instead of entering the falling animation, the player is put into a standing stance - being able to aim down the sights/fire is put into the correct animation and subsequently deploys a parachute as expected.


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open editor, chose any fixed wing aircraft with player as pilot. rev the engines, start to move and then eject.

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What we need is ejection seats...and then problem solved.

I believe this has to do with the issue involving the fact that that animation is purely tied to altitude. If you spawned a house way up in the air (above 300m I believe) and placed a unit in it, it would be stuck in the HALO animation.