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Controls Config Class
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Please extend the current codebase to allow mods to register keys for binding instead of / in addition to the Custom Keys system.

In theory, custom keys work okay, but in practice, conflicts occur all the time and there is nothing to circumvent or avoid them. The best practice for this problem thus far is using a userconfig file that each player has to modify to meet their needs.

This is a dated approach. You can simply add a config class or such that allows mods to define a control object with a UID and displayname, use that control to trigger their mod behavior. The ArmA 3 custom controls screen would display all active mods' assigned keys. Mods not currently loaded would not be shown but remain stored in the ArmA profile file.

The end result would be people using ArmA 3's in-game options menu to assign all their keys, and able to look those up during gameplay. Surely you agree that this would be an improvement on the requirement for almost every player to fiddle around with scripting files.


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