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allUnits and playableUnits are not reliable
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allUnits and playableUnits commands that return list of all units and all player-controlled units become unreliable with high player counts under unknown circumstances. There is no way to reproduce this problem as it is noticeable on highly-populated servers. Problem also seems to be local to certain clients as some players have certain player(s) in allUnits returned list while some players don't. Since players constantly die and respawn on populated servers sometimes player might see another player appearing and disappearing out of allUnits constantly, likely at the moment of another player's death or respawn. Even more oddities is that sometimes respawning for such problematic player helps and they appear in allUnits array like normal again while sometimes it doesn't help and you need to rejoin the game (and pick different slot in lobby?)

Attached screenshot 2014-04-22_00004.jpg shows an example of such problem - two friendly OPFOR players, both see each other's icons while I see icon only above left one. Checking right one with admin console shows that "cursorTarget in allUnits" and "cursorTarget in playableUnits" both return false.

I will appreciate if some developer can look into implementation of these crucial multiplayer commands and hopefully solve the problem. There is no repro but problem usually can be easily observed on highly-populated servers. {F23905}


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No repro, practically never observable on servers with small amount of players, happens often on highly populated servers.

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This problem has been happening since at least ArmA 2.

We use these commands to return list of players to allow other players to see icons above friendlies as well as perform other cooperative actions and this problem bothers us alot since players accustomed to seeing icon over friends shoot teammates that are affected by this bug as they don't have icon over them.

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