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Direct comm(Text&Voice) will not be received unless a Windows recording device is plugged in
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If you have no connected/enabled recording devices in Windows you will not be able to see or hear other player's direct communications, text and voice. All other channels as far as I'm aware work fine for both text and voice.

I ran across this issue playing Altis life and DayZ(Arma 2 is affected as well) I would never hear or see direct comms, at first I thought people were just not talking in direct until I had a strong suspicion something was wrong on my end. I would imagine lots of people are affected by this bug but are oblivious there is a problem.


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Steps To Reproduce

Needs 1 other person to send you messages/talk over direct comm in a server:

  1. Make sure you have unplugged and/or disabled all recording devices in windows, this includes stereo mix, like so
  1. Join an MP server and get someone to confirm they have sent you a message or said something over direct communication channel, of course make sure you're within range of that player.
  1. Observe no messages come through in direct communication channel, voice also will not be heard.
  1. Enable stereo mix or a microphone in windows, restart game and repeat step 2, you should see/hear direct comms working.
Additional Information

Other players can see your direct comms, you just can see/hear theirs.
To fix the problem all I had to do was enable Stereo mix.

Also, my soundchip is Realtek ALC892(onboard audio) if that is possibly any relevance to the bug.

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thank you for reporting the issue, it has been assigned to the responsible departments.

Have a nice day.