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[Zeus Feature Request] Virtual JTAC
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It is nice that laser designation shows up to Zeus as a marker, enabling him to simulate CAS response to JTAC lasing.

But there is an even more useful feature, especially for missions that only involve planes: a virtual JTAC system that would allow Zeus to lase targets for player controlled laser-guided weapons.

It would be a module that would have two movable nodes.
One would be the "source" node. This is the point where the laser originates from.
The next point would be the "target" node. This is what the laser points at. It could be placed on the ground, or 'tied' to a vehicle or other unit, similar to the way a "Neutralize" objective can be tied to a unit.

I know for a fact that this would be possible, because the "tracers" effect works in practically the same way. It is an invisible soldier with infinite ammo who is programmed to fire upwards. When you place the module, you can occasionally see a glimpse of him before he disappears.
All that needs to be done is to replace his machine gun with a laser designator, and create a module that gives him a target.

This would be a huge addition to Zeus, as it would allow player controlled aircraft to make use of their laser guided bombs without requiring Zeus to place a recon JTAC unit and remote control it.
Instead, it would be two linked modules easily placed, allowing Zeus to leave the laser on a target, freeing up his hands to work on other parts of the scenario.

Because it is typically one curator controlling a scenario, efficiency is paramount. Requiring Zeus to remote control a JTAC unit and wait until the bombs hit would cause the scenario to crawl to a halt or fall apart without his attention.
This would be an easy addition to allow player pilots to make good use of their (in my experience, much underused) laser guided bombs.


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DCS:World anyone? ;-)

:) yes, DCS: A-10 is one of my all time favorites above all other games and sims. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn't allow me to play it very often (so I'm not very good anymore), but I always hope that someday I'll be able to free up some time to play it more often.
And adding a feature like this would bring Arma a little closer to DCS's level.