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some drones aren't faction related or accessible in showcase CSAT/AAF
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in the showcase CSAT and AAF, the quadcopter present on the tables in the drones stand is the ar-2 darter instead of the actual faction quadcopter making it unusable with the terminal
There IS a faction related quadcopter on the ground near but it just seems weird that they would be displaying a darter in addition.

In addition, the autonomous turrets in the weapons stand (in every showcase)don't seem to be accessible by the player {F23780}


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Steps To Reproduce

_launch showcase: CSAT/AAF
_go to the drones stand
_on the table, there will be an ar-2 darter

_launch ANY showcase
_now go to the weapons stand and try to take control of the autonomous turrets

Additional Information

the ar-2 displaying on the table could be on purpose for all I know, but you might want to check those autonomous turrets

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zozo added a comment.Sep 11 2015, 1:10 PM

The quadcopter on the table is not intended to be usable. But they are using the proper model in each faction showcase.
The autonomous turret is now accessible and it also performs autonomous fire.