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Live Feed - Effects Module is not working
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I tried to use an "Live Feed - Effects" Module on the "Life Feed" module.

Error Message(Night Vision):

[BIS_fnc_liveFeedEffects] #0: "1" is type STRING, must be SCALAR. 0 used instead.


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Steps To Reproduce

in editor:

1)create "soldier (player)"
2)create "soldier (AI)"
3)create "Live Feed - Init" module
4)create "Live Feed - Source" module
5)create "Live Feed - Effects" module
6)sync "Live Feed - Init" module with "soldier (player)"
7)sync "Live Feed - Source" module with "soldier (AI)"
8)sync "Live Feed - Effects" module with "Live Feed - Init"

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Can you please build a mission to reproduce the issue?

I can confirm as of latest build this function does not set the effects of the live feed.

Four months and no response! I have reported issues going back nearly a year now and they haven't even been looked at - and some are not trivial issues. It's almost like we are wasting our time reporting issues to BIS.

They just mass close tickets because they haven't been looked at! (by BIS!)Go figure. Perhaps we should just stop all the product testing and see if that wakes BIS up.