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Wy-55 Hellcat - Control panel FLIR display should be on pilot's side
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The control panel FLIR feed is currently located on the copilot's side of the instrument panel, but should be on the pilot's side instead.

The feed is in real life how the copilot would see through the FLIR camera, and it doesn't have to be removed from their side, just duplicated to the pilot's side as well (currently, the pilot's MFCD's are functionless).

If the feed were to show on one of the pilot's MFCDs, it would allow him to see what the copilot sees, and allow the copilot to use the camera to point out targets/objects/points of interest to the pilot.


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While convenient, it would not be realistic.

IRL the co pilot uses this screen to operate the FLIR unit.
There are of course obvious gameplay reasons for the optics screen (size and positioning). Besides that, the game can't stream high res textures at 30+ fps to make it practical to use this screen as the main targeting device in high load missions.

It doesn't need to stream high res textures at 30+ fps. all it needs is to be a rough visual aid for the pilot, allowing the copilot to increase his situational awareness. It would work just as well to add another to the pilot's side instead of move it away from the copilot (updated ticked with this information). Obviously in real life he would be able to switch between the different pages of the MFCD but in the case of the Hellcat (at least so far), the MFCDs are purely aesthetic and don't actually move, the pilot isn't losing anything by replacing the texture with a camera feed.