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Single units that receive a waypoint from zeus , ignore the Combat stance
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whenever I want a single sentry to walk around a compound I place a waypoint with the relaxed combat stance but instead of slowly walking around , the soldier runs from one waypoint to the next

if I group another soldier to the single soldier and place a waypoint with the relaxed combat stance they walk as they should in relaxed mode (slowly with their guns down)


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Steps To Reproduce

As Zeus
Place a soldier , give him a waypoint set the waypoint to "relaxed"

the soldier will run to that waypoint (ignoring the relaxed mode)

Place another soldier ,Group both of them together

Now place a waypoint with the "relaxed" Stance , this time the leader will

issue a move order and you will see both soldiers walking slowly in relaxed mode

towards the waypoint

Additional Information

its impossible to place a sentry like this (they don't always walk in pairs)

and to create a stealth mission I need a few of those

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the speed is actually set using the images that show a solder walking, running and sprinting.

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I don't have that option , is it in dev build ?

must be, I think it'll be on stable in a few days or a week or two.