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Graphical Corruption after playing 20+ minute game
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Every time We play Arma 3 My brother Always starts suffering from Graphical Visual Corruption

Some of it includes Backpack flying in the air above the other characters , characters appearing to be partially submerged in the ground characters that seems to loose the polygon count (pictures attached)

we tried lowering the graphics , raising the graphics , play on LAN and regular WAN MP

it always happens after ~ 20+ minutes
{F23751} {F23752} {F23753} {F23754} {F23755}


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Play a long game (can be with or without zeus)

Additional Information

Adding pictures and dxdiag from the PC ( have to add several files )

Also tried reverting the Graphics Card Driver And installing a new one that came out recently - didn't help

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Attaching DX DIAG

just to be clear - First we reverted the graphics card Driver - tried to play
Then when it didn't work we tried installing a new one (that just recently came out)

so we used 3 sets of drivers

Sure its not a overheating issue with your 3d card?
I do not understand why it would take x min before it became a issue otherwise...

  1. Memory the more you play the more memory you consume - might have memory corruption after a certain point
  2. Driver might reach a certain area of the code after a while before causing this issue - fix might require BIS to work with NVIDIA
  3. Over heating - Checked and tested (I work at QA in a company that has both Software and hardware products and I tested the computer using our tools - its fine)

that's as far as I can think of but that's why the devs are there
there are probably more options

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Add the .rpt and mention any mods you are running.

I have odd glitches like yours when I have Pomigit's PMC mod enabled. The ironsights on the regular MX rifles start floating around and other weird things.

where can I find the .rpt file?

As far as mods he used to have PMC mod but currently I removed all the mods he was running since I had the same Idea so that's not it


could you please upload your rpt files?
C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

Thank you.

Added the .rpt file


could you please try to switch to Steam Dev and see if the problem is still present?

You can find how to change to Steam Dev here:

Thank you very much.

still trying to get my brother to switch to dev branch , he did it a few weeks ago
last time he had different problems along with the graphics corruption so he is very reluctant to switch back to dev branch

Hopefully I will be able to convince him to do it

i couldn't get my brother to go to dev branch but I can confirm that even after the 1.18 patch its still happening to him