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WayPoint Unit SPEED
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Waypoint speed setting is not possible.
SPEED: Limited, Normal, Full.

Infantry is more or less always sprinting places. Some times one would want a slow moving infantry squad. With mixed units, for and wheeled, you tend to see the vehicles just speed off to the waypoint.


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Zeus - Feature Request
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Make a Zeus unit WP. Doubble click it in the left window.
No speed setting option in WP options.

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Hight Command has this ability. In HC on the map, select a HC unit, give a wp command and then right click WP. I am not sure if that makes it easier to implement because its already in the game other places. Just mentioning it if it might aid coders.

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its also important for having an AI foot patrol in a village or around a base
even in Relax mode they still run around as if they saw something and need to get there very fast
this looks and feels awful and should be addressed
we need to be able to control the unit speed just like the regular waypoint system in the editor

It is possible.