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Being able to use weapons other than the SDAR from the water.
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Divers can snipe people from the water. Not sure if this was meant to be, or it's a glitch. I have seen this happen too many times now, and causes an enormous amount of camping on the shore lines. All of the gun stores are currently being camped by divers with sniper rifles. This ruins the game, as it makes absolutely no sense. Not sure if the divers can use other weapons, but they can mainly snipe using the lynx sniper rifle.


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Diver must have a dive suit, as well as a re-breather. As stated in the description, I am not sure if they can use other weapons or not.

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I don't believe the divers should have the ability to snipe from the water. As I have already said it ruins the mechanics of the game. They are virtually impossible to kill, because they mainly camp the gun stores on wasteland. I play the Samatra version of wasteland and this is where I first witnessed this being done.

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What depth are they using the Lynx from? Are they swimming and using it or just standing/crouching/sitting/touching the sea floor in any way?

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All is fair in love and war.

Deal with it.

Being able to snipe in the deep water, without touching ground makes no sense. It needs to be changed. It ruins the game. I have never heard of snipers being able to snipe from the water. That's not how sniper rifles work, and they shouldn't work this way in ARMA 3 as well.

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"prosnipe" talks about camping... lol.
Also you can't actually snipe from the water. If you mean IN the water, never heard of that....Won't vote for now.

From this depth I can shoot easily as I would be able to real life (assuming I had a sniper rifle :P):

From this depth I can also shoot, but it's very difficult because of weapon sway:

From this depth, where my feet are only a few centimeters above the ground, I can't shoot, it's just impossible:



Your first and second pictures are correct. I've see people sniping from the deep water. That's what I am talking about. The other day I had a guy sniping at me from the water, and I couldn't even see him. That's why I submitted this post to the forums. Not to mention you cannot kill someone in the water when they are submerged. I tried killing a guy yesterday who was prone in the water. He was clearly sticking out of the water, yet I couldn't kill him. So you are telling me that the divers should be able to shoot out of the water and kill, yet the ones on land shouldn't be able to kill the divers in the water? That makes no sense. In reality, bullets would travel at least a foot through the water before it lost it's full velocity and became useless. I propose either to make shooting from the water completely obsolete, unless an SDAR is used. Which is what was intended anyway, or increase the bullet travel in water to make it effective against shallow water targets. Either way, I am guessing that the one's voting down do this kind of glitch. I believe that it ruins the game, and it does. It's becoming a habit now, and they do nothing but camp fresh spawns. Which takes no skill at all. If you don't believe me that divers can camp from water. Just play enough wasteland and hang near the coast, you'll see what I am talking about.