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car stuck
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Hi , i got a problem with a car , i found a car with a friend yesterday , we repaired it , all is green exept 3 glass , she has fuel , but she wont move , maybe she is stuck ?


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Have you reported this to authors of the mod you were playing?

They said to report it here. Its the mod "Breaking Point"

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Is it there every time?

The only time I came across a vehicle that couldn't drive was because it had been spawned at [0,0,0] location which happened to be the sea.
The sea was damaging the engine but no damaged showed in the hud.

The vehicle was then being moved using setpos to the island, it had things like allowdamage false and setdamage 0; but it still couldn't move again.

The fix was to spawn it on land.

Some vehilces like tank were fine but that was probably because they are slightly stronger and take more damage.

ok someone said to me that sometimes this "car" got stuck on wood or sand.

do you have any steps to reproduce this problem?
When spawning vehicles in the see, it is intentional that their engines do not work anymore.