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Shift-click HUD waypoints and additions/suggestions
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The problem here at the moment is that there are only 2 options for the hudwp(the shift-click waypoints)Its either 0 or 1.

Basically when you have hudwp and hudwpperm to 0 in your server-settings you can still use them when you are in the littlebird, jets and in some more vehicles. While they should be gone for everything when server setting is 0.

Thats the problem/defect as it is now while this is also a request to add more options to the hudwp settings. For example: Pilots need the waypoints to perfectly land on LZ markers. Without the shift-click marker a pilot would be forced to look on the map while flying and therefore can't launch countermeasures when AA is comming in. And landing with a GPS also won't be as precise.

Therefore here are some suggestions on how these settings should be:

HudWp=0, Means no shift-click waypoints for anyone in any vehicle or on foot.(currently already is like that, except for stated vehicles)
HudWp=1, Means shift-click waypoints enabled for everyone.(currently is like that)
HudWp=2, Only shift-click waypoints when you are piloting a air vehicle.
HudWp=3, Only shift-click waypoints when you are driving a land vehicle.

This way you get more options on how the waypoints are managed.


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I've requested this since I can imagine there are more clans that want their infantry to just navigate using just a map and compass. You'd only need a map and then shift-click where you want to go if hudwp=1, making the compass and gps useless.

But if you put hudwp=0, so the infantry has to navigate properly, the chopper pilots are forced to look on the map the whole time(dangerous) and they can't be as fast as they can/like to be, unless they bring a co-pilot but those aren't always arround.

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