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wp waypointAttachObject objectId is not working
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According to supportInfo and the ingame help waypointAttachObject supports 2 syntaxes:
["b:ARRAY waypointattachobject SCALAR,OBJECT"]

The waypointAttachObject syntax which is using a Number (objectID) as the 2nd argument is not working - waypointAttachedObject returns a null-object (and a subsequent setWaypointHousePosition won't work, too).

on Stratis at the airport
wp = group player addWaypoint [[1907.5,5746.5,0.00144196],0];
wp waypointAttachObject 66220;
hint str (waypointAttachedObject wp);
hint shows Null-Object

But when using the alternative syntax (object as 2nd argument):
on Stratis at the airport
wp = group player addWaypoint [[1907.5,5746.5,0.00144196],0];
wp waypointAttachObject ((waypointPosition wp) nearestObject 66220);
hint str (waypointAttachedObject wp);
hint shows 23e27900# 66220: miloffices_v1_f.p3d

wp waypointAttachObject 66220
should just get evaluated as
wp waypointAttachObject ((waypointPosition wp) nearestObject 66220)

or if this syntax (Id as 2nd argument) isn't supported anymore the documentation/supportInfo/ingame help should get updated. {F23725}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. create a waypoint
  2. use waypointAttachObject with an objectId as 2nd argument
  3. use waypointAttachedObject to check the attached object
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There's probably a similair issue with triggerAttachObject (#15750).
But there's no alternative syntax (object as 2nd argument) available.

is the problem still valid for you? We recently made changes in objects' IDs.

still valid, tested with DEV 1.23.125330

Could you please provide a repro mission?

added a repro mission:
wp is a waypoint.
use addactions to execute the 2 different syntaxes

  1. wp waypointAttachObject 66220
  2. wp waypointAttachObject ((waypointPosition wp) nearestObject 66220)

check the hint for the result of "waypointAttachedObject wp"

Maybe triggerAttachObject can be looked at as well while at it? same problem

EDIT: ah, just noticed Master85 mentioned it already :)

i can confirm the problem. and.....
after a closer look :)

for "_i" from 1 to 5 do {
_wpBInfo = _wpArray select (floor(random 4)); [[13425,2,debb6400# 202594: house_k_1_ep1.p3d],[ID,buildingposIndex,Object],...
_hausID = _wpBInfo select 0;
_wpBPos = _wpBInfo select 1;
_haus = _wpBInfo select 2;
_wp =_grp addWaypoint [(_haus buildingPos _wpBPos),_i];
_wp setWPPos (_haus buildingPos _wpBPos);
this is the essence!!!
_wp waypointAttachObject _hausID; try both
_wp waypointAttachObject ((_haus buildingPos _wpBPos) nearestObject (typeOf _haus));
last works first time for me.
_wp setWaypointHousePosition _wpBPos;
//_wp setWaypointCompletionRadius 3;
_wp setWaypointSpeed "LIMITED";
if (_i == TAC_Waypoints_group) then {

		_wp setwaypointtype "CYCLE";
				} else {
		_wp setWaypointType "MOVE";

So the waypoints are (ZeusView) in center of the house, but the unit moves to the defined building position.

I am Happy now... ;)