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TACTICAL Pilot Helmet (HUD visor) - [Feature Request]
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Same as "Tactical Glasses", can you add a "Tactical PILOT Helmet"?

This would allow MOD MAKERS to customize the Pilot HUD info.
Mod makers could then make a Pilot HUD with things like:

  • Airspeed (in KNOTS)
  • Altitude above Sea Level / Radar Altitude above ground
  • Heading
  • Change HUD color (Red/Green/Blue/Yellow)
  • Change HUD brightness
  • Waypoint Markers
  • Data-link info from ground troops on targets to attack/bomb


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We already sort of have this, apart from different colors, brightness, or properly simulated waypoints. Great idea, but they may not do this because it is 'more like a simulation'. Derp derp derp.


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also, the jet pilot visor has to have night vision capacity in it

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I'm sorry if I sound fancy but ... how about making visors block some sunlight?
Same like other equipment work vs the sun that is supposed to.