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FEATURE REQUEST: Attitude meter for off road vehicles...
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It would be a nice feature if the off road vehicles had an attitude meter like the ones in aircraft, displaying the angle of pitching & rolling of the vehicle.
Just like most modern off road vehicles have nowadays.

Not urgent, just something I'd like to see :-) {F23711}


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Okay, even though I don't understand why you would need to know the pitch of your offroad, what you are looking for is calling "augmented reality on windshield". I added a picture.

The reason that off road vehicles have an attitude meter is so you can tell when you are taking the vehicle to the limits so you don't end up on your roof :-)

Really important for military vehicles exploring an unknown route with extreme terrain.

Here's one in its simplest form...

lol not going too well this idea is it? :-z

Would any of the down voters care to explain why they are against such a realistic and functional feature?