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Vehicle Compasses
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Vehicles with radars do not have compasses. Also, one cannot check his compass inside a radar vehicle! Only in a hunter as a passenger for example, you can check your compass. On the other hand, piloting a Kajman for example, you cannot check you compass at all. You only have your bearings in the radar. (Which I do not know how to use quickly)


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Get in as a gunner or pilot of an advanced vehicle (that has a top-down radar) and try checking your compass. No compass!

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I was playing the Gunships showcase and at one point, and Griffin told me to go West (as there's an enemy Naval Base) but I had not clue where is west. (until, of course, the Objective marker came up.)

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The radar IS compass ;)

I know! But like I said, I can't read bearings that quickly.

I find it very annoying that I can't use my compass for some vehicles. It's RIDICULOUS! For instance if I'm by myself in a boat, I don't have a radar and it doesn't let me pull out my compass. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHERE I'M GOING?

Please add the ability to use your compass as a driver.

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Learn the bearings.

North = 0
East = 90
South = 180
West = 270

On the other hand, use the GPS of the vehicles (it's showing the view direction too).

Shields added a subscriber: Shields.May 7 2016, 6:24 PM

This is an actual problem with for example an assault boat. You do not have a radar and you cannot bring your compass up. The only way to navigate in an assault boat is via GPS. Regarding other vehicles i don't think anything needs to be done.

Simply make the use of compass available in assault boats.