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Improved Death effect
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Currently the death effect in terms of sounds feels kinda weak. HEARING REMAINS UNTOUCHED TO BE EXACT, DURING DEATH.
What i'm after is that the sounds remain unchanged throughout your death, sounds should fade away or have a filter added to them, like when underwater etc. You probably lose your hearing as you get unconscious, that's for a normal death(shot in the chest and similar) getting shot in the head should feel a little more rapid, like a quick snap and black screen.


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So a slow death and a quick one
The quick one resulting from head shot, should have a shocking feel to it, like an instant black screen with and becoming deaf right after the sound of the hit.
Slow one should have fading and/or filter added to the surrounding sounds and the screen would get more and more blurry(blurry already there) turning black at the end.
Maybe loud noise when suffering death from explosion(like Arma 2)
The sound immersion really needs a boost when playing vanilla Arma 3

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