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ZEUS - Direct Communication and Remote Control
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I made a small Zeus mission and I took control of an unarmed officer that surrendered and It did not allow me to talk in direct communication. I was going to give the players Intel. I'm not sure if this is considered a feature request or if its supposed to be in the game, but I believe this feature is important.


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Steps To Reproduce

Spawn an AI unit with Zeus.
Use remote control on an AI Unit.
Try talking in Direct Communication to reach the players.

Additional Information

At 40 Minutes of this Arma 3 Livestream, The dev says they are meaning to implement this feature

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I would really like this feature as-well, I made A scenario Similar to the posters and I couldnt communicate with the players.

Confirmed it will be a feature, at 40 minutes of this Arma 3 Livesteam, the DEV says he needs to use Global at this time but will implement a direct communication.