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The Simulation Manager Module does not recognize drones.
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If you use the simulation manager to make the experience run smoother, it will not turn all units back on when a drone flies near. Is it possible to have a drone that is under control of a player cause the simulation manager to spawn the units back in.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place down some troops on a map (ideally over 2kms away).
  2. Put down a simulation manager module and set the distance to 1km.
  3. put down a UAV and a uav soldier.
  4. Take control of the UAV and overfly the area with the troops. You will notice that the simulation manager does not turn them back on.
  5. Drive down with a car or teleport there with the splendid camera. You will see the troops spawn in like they should.

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This issue should be fixed in current dev branch version. Could you please check it and let me know? Thanks!

No response for more than one month. Marking as resolved.