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More advanced AI options for Zeus
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If I am setting up a mission in editor I can give my AI waypoints with specific intructions such as "Seach and Destroy" or just a simple little "Loiter" too make them patrol. But in Zeus, a gamemode made for real time MP editing too "Wielding an intuitive real-time editor, you can manipulate or expand multiplayer scenarios on-the-fly, and create a surprising flow of challenges for the soldiers on the ground." I can only give them a shit ton of move markers and hope that they spot the enemy in time. I love Zeus so far, but there is just too many features that are missing for me too fully enjoy.

I would also like to see a system that allows me too create my own squads, sometimes the preset groups are not what I want, I would like to create a custom group because if they're just next to each other and not in the same group the AI won't help each other in the same way.


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Play as Zeus and try too have more than 40 AI, you'll start too feel the pain.

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Definitely would be nice.