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AI vehicle wrecking/getting stuck on specific Altis spot
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When working in the editor I came across an issue where AI vehicles won't be able to pass a certain point/spot when they are issued a waypoint and have to use that specific road.

Spot: Altis -> Agios Georgios -> Small military Outpost -> H-barrier wreck spot

Screenshots are attatched! {F23656} {F23657} {F23658} {F23659}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go into Editor and create a blufor player unit next to the outpost.
  2. Create a simple blufor Hunter vehicle south of the military outpost.

-> make sure its not in your group (not linked to player unit)!

  1. Create a waypoint for the Hunter(veh.) to go north somewhere on the road.
  2. Check for result in "Preview" mode.
Additional Information

Tried it several times with different vehicles, same results.

Only if you get lucky sometimes vehicles wont get stuck.

Creating multiple waypoints at that specific spot (so AI won't get stuck/crash)is no option because for more complex troup movement/scripts AI should be able to find a suitable track (especially on roads).

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I attached the File "Pathfinding"

It contains three simpe repro mission showing a few different spots on Altis where the AI will wreck their car.

I advise that you change your view to third person and that you take a look at the ingame map where troublesome locations are marked (or in the editor).

As I see it the AI always drives on the far right side of the road.
If the road bends to the right the AI will always leave the road with at least two wheels (completely if the turn is sharp enough) and crash into anything that happens to be there (street signs, wooden poles, fences, houses, etc.).
This happens on every! right turn on all roads.
There are many roads on Altis where the AI can´t drive without breaking the car.
To solve this problem the AI needs to be changed so that they don´t try to cut corners in right turns but stay on the road.

oukej added a comment.Jun 3 2014, 4:49 PM

There should be some improvement regarding the road AI paths on Altis in the next Development update (fyi there's none today, possibly tomorrow). It won't fix all the issues, but at least some of the most deadly curves on Altis should no longer be so deadly.

Please let us know about any further issues you encounter. There could even issues introduced when the AI vehicles are passing each other in opposite directions. (note it is an improvement attempt, not 100% fix)


I´m happy for every small improvement. Will test and report back.