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Cars and trucks can't turn engine on if created over water
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I've made some scripts, and i noticed, that i can't turn on the engine of a created car or truck. Also if you let get in an AI unit into the car or truck they can't turn on the engine.

Like F2k_Skel found out, it happens, because i'am creating the vehicles over water. Seems that the engine gets damaged, but the Engine-Indicator doesn't indicate some damage. {F23652}


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Try my attched Testmission. Fly in the tank, the car and the truck. And you can see, that if you go into the truck or the car, you cant turn on the engine and drive away. But if you go into the tank everything works fine. I don't know if it has something to do with my scripting.

If the vehicles get spawned over land the probelm doesn't happen.

Additional Information

I am on actual Dev-Version.
Pls don't use the scripts in the testmission without my permission.

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I'm afraid you've flooded the engine.

Your spawning it under water, cars and trucks are a little weaker so damage easily.

Oddly setting the damage back to zero won't fix it.

Once water gets in the engine it's ruined.

Move the marker to somewhere nice and dry.

Lol never thought on that.
But its strange, that the engineindicator didn't turn into orange or red.

Thanks for your help :)

I agree it took me a while to find especially as I'd used setdamage 0 as well just after it had spawned.