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Grenades ghosting trough soldiers and windows
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Title says it all. Grenades will just ghost trough soldiers and not collide with them if you throw grenade directly at soldier it will ghost trough him.


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-Place soldier in editor.
-Throw a grenade at him, you will see that grenade ghosting trough him and not collide with hes body.

Simply find the house and throw nade trought window, notice that nade is getting inside building without breaking a glass.

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if you are close enough to hit him directly with a grenade... you shouldn't be using a grenade
same if you can see him. you should be using them to clear houses and kill concealed enemies.
seems like a pretty minor issue to me

Sometimes grenade is better to take down multiple enemies at once, even at close ranges, only thing you need to have is a good cover while throwing nade.

Nades can also ghost trough windows without breaking the glass.

The worst thing is that i cannot use a stone.
Stone ghosting trough a guy????? WHAT THE F*** DEVELOPERS THINKING? They thinking that stone can injury everyone by ghosting trough them like darter UAV do??? :D

to be honest, I don't even know what the point of the "stone" is... it just looks like a grenade, and it explodes like one, except without any explosion effect. The sound is still there though...

Yes, at the moment its quite strange. After about 5 secounds stone disapears and you can hear explosion effect and yes, it do not provide any damage even if you standing on it.

I noticed that nades can ghost trough windows.

Ok, maybe grenades ghosting trough soldiers are not a big problem but grenades ghosting trough a window may be a major issue while throwing nades trough windows (very common tactics in CQB).

Now its working this way: Nade is simply ghosting trough window without breaking glass and glass do not affects grenade's velocity.

It should work this way: If grenade is thrown from close range nade is breaking glass, going inside building and loosing some velocity.

Or this way when grenade is thrown from longer range: Grenade slightly damaging glass and simply bumping then injuring or killing soldier who thrown it :-).