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waypoint blocks unit
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if you put a waypoint on a unit, you can't edit the unit anymore.

this can happen accidentally, when you want to change the units settings, and put a waypoint instead.


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Steps To Reproduce

in the editor
place a unit
place a waypoint for the unit somewhere
doubleclick the unit, while still in waypoint mode

you have now blocked that unit with that waypoint, and if you try to edit it, you will get the window of the wp instead.

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You can always switch to unit in editor [F1] and adjust the unit, then switch to Waypoints again [F4] and keep on placing the waypoints.

Also, when hovering with mouse cursor above the unit/waypoint, you can tell exactly which entity is about to be selected and by sensitive mouse movement pick the right one.

To know more about waypoints, please visit:

Thank you.