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Get Out/Disembark
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It's great that we have a get out option, however, this is only useful for land vehicles and boats. With helicopters everyone just jumps out. Is it possible to change that from get out to disembark that way when ordered the helicopter will land before troops begin disembarking.


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needs work, yes.

I suggest you keep the g key for jumping out of the vehicle.
However, for helicopters this should only apply to units with have a parachute and can physically dismount the vehicle from their seats.

for landing please give zeus the options to set the waypoint-type

I miss loiter, guard, talk etc. (i like the attempt to give us cycle, even though it's bugged)

In fact, please give zeus all combat mode options, too. How are you supposed to set up an ambush, when you can't tell your units to hold fire?

maybe you should report the need for combat mode options in feedback lehmann.