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Vehicles Set to "Respawn On Location" Cannot be Removed
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As the title says, once a vehicle has been set to "Respawn on Location" and then is destroyed and respawns, there is no handle on the vehicle allowing it to be selected, moved, edited, destroyed, etc. Which means it will be there respawning indefinitely, unable to be removed. Please have the vehicle show up under units and have a handle.


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I'm unable to reproduce the issue. I fixed it on March 28 (or at least I though I did) and it seems to be ok in Steam dev version.

Were you server or client. And if client, on hosted or dedicated server? What position did you pick - respawn on side vehicle respawn point, or on the vehicle's current position?

I was playing as host with my fried online;
I placed a vehicle (in this case a hatchback sport but I have reproduced it with other vehicles as well), and selected "respawn on location."
Once it has respawned, there is no way of selecting it.

EDIT: okay, after a few tests it appears as if it has been indeed fixed. I'm not sure why I experienced this problem (it was earlier this week) but at least it's working properly now.