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Hide "Player disconnected" with Difficulty Options.
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When playing a Player-vs-Player match, a "Player disconnected"-note can ruin gameplay on Elite-difficulty. Because you can count how many of them how are disconnecting, which gives you a rough idea of how many players that are left.
(They disconnect because it is boring being dead.)


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Play an online Player-vs-Player match with no respawn on Elite, set to not spoil how many enemy-players there are left. Then count how many of them how are disconnecting.

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As far as I know, on a dedicated server you can disable connect / disconnect messages. However, that would require to run a dedicated server on your PC instead of just going to host it from ingame.

I made a quick search and I could only find a client mod. I used to run a dedicated server for Arma 2, but I can not recall that I came across such feature.

Please allow us to do what we want with difficulties in multiplayers.
Its retarded i cant have veteran difficulty with group icons and my player map markers.