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1st mission WIN, all the guys have Kerry's face
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1st mission WIN, debriefing, after adapt, all the guys have Kerry's face at the debriefing


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Campaign Episode 3: Win
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1st step in last episode WIN: first debriefing...

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Could you please attach screenshot and upload your .rpt file?
Rpt file is here: C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\
Start game
Play until you will have this issue
Check folder with .rpt and attach here .rpt file with latest date in name
Thank you.

Stupid steam didn't save my yesterday's print screen... I tried again today, three time, wasn't able to reproduce. Maybe I was wrong. They all look quite the same, so maybe I looked wrong :S
It's strange because I remember I looked at that during the whole debriefing...

Could be closed!

Unable to reproduce in actual version.