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Bridge Destruction
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Hello all,

I tried several things to destroy bridge ( Tank, satchel, A-164 GBU 12 , F-18 JDAM 2000 lbs ).
Nothing to do 0 bridge can be destroyed. Even after several bombs / tank shot.

There is a problem with bridge with this version at least.


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I destroyed a bridge by hitting it with a car.

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lol funny. Car destroy bridge but bombs are not doing it !!! I will switch bombs by car under my wings :p

Edit : Other reporter have the same problem ? Feel free to answer.

Way back in BETA i was speeding with a T-100, and swerved on the bridge by accident. My tank hit the guard rail and the bridge went crashing down, and i flipped.

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Jets destroy bridges without fail, but tanks weighing ~10x more will cross them without problems

All the bridges should be destroyed by explosive especially, it allow players to set real ambush.

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Has duplicate: #0018460

I'd also recommend you read my note on that ticket.

Sorry you post isi a duplicate ... Use search formation before creating a new topic to avoid duplicate. :) .
But happy to see other people noticed it.

I said the other ticket was a duplicate, not this one.

Even if bridge is correctly configured, even in devbranch destroyed ones only sink into ground for a few meters... and remain there. See the pic.