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Vehicle's wheels can become stuck under ground after collision
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After colliding with an object, wheeled vehicles can have one or more tires stuck under the ground. This is not the tire going flat. Once in this state, the vehicle can still be driven, but it will have severe handling problems (such reduced speed and sliding sideways without changing direction when the front wheels are turned). Once in this state, the vehicle can sometimes have it's wheels released by further collisions.

As in reality, vehicle wheels should not be able to get stuck under the ground. {F23587}


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Unable to reproduce on demand.
I have seen this issue twice, both times in a civilian off-road:

  1. Reversed into structure, both rear wheels became stuck underground.
  2. Drove forward over fence, one rear wheel stuck underground.
Additional Information

Reported using dev build 1.15.116330

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Confirmed, happened to me and a friend several times. VERY agitating.

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Duplicate of #0011867?

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Yes, it's the same issue.

Related to assigned #4396