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AAA doesn't have radar
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Like in the title, although in the spotrep it has been written that: "AAAs should have their radar back".


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I've put AAA in the editor, then a chopper in the air. I didn't see the helicopter on the radar.

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It seems that AI in AA Armor also acts as if they do not have radar.

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For review

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For all I care it has been fixed long ago by pettka and programmers.

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when it will be fixed? Last patch has not been fixed it.

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Ok so - as the patch is official now - the radar does not work in AAA. Furthermore: Smokes are not working in Cheetah and ZSU( It worked in the stable branch yesterday but not in devs. It seems I wasn't too specific about the issue, sorry about that.

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Fixed in dev.

Still running into this problem with the latest stable build despite it says it is resolved here (Other people have the same problem as it is a major headache in mp.) This problem is definatly not resolved as is stated.

AA armor does have radar, but it will only identify friend or foe when an air vehicle comes within 2 km (This is the maximum range, whatever the viewdistance settings). AI in these vehicles will therefore never fire beyond this range even while being shot at. And appear to act as if they do not have radar at all.

The result is they are almost useless against ATGM armed air vehicles as they will engage them from up to 5 km out.

This in my, and others among me, experience causes huge problems and realism issues whenever air units and AA armor are used. It is a major problem in some multiplayer games, especially CTI games in which such balancing is very important.

Hope to see some recognition for this problem, thanks!

Still unfixed?

EDIT: Please specify if this issue is related to the original ticket or simply a misfeature.

Not sure how you would define the difference, so I'll try to explain it in a more detailed manner.

It is related to the original issue though it is a bit different now. The original ticket here stated aerial units not showing up on AA vehicle radars. They do now though. So technically that issue would be solved. But the actual symptoms of the issue persist. Some settings in this radar system cause the AI to act as if there is no radar.

The reason seems to be that while the radar does detect air targets, it does not identify them as friendly or enemy until they are within a range of 2 km (Again, this max range is independent of view distance, using a small view distance will make it smaller, but even using maximum view distance will not enlarge this range.)

The resulting behavior of the AI means they will only engange the target when it is within 2km (which is within visual range as well, so it appears they have no radar at all).

Again, this makes these vehicles useless against air units with ATGM as they will identify friend or foe and engange from 5 km out (also while out of visual range).

Surprisingly, AA infantry with manpads will engage air targets beyond 2 km when spotted visually.

While I am no programmer I can imagine the original issue is technically fixed, but the fix did not solve the problem as the radars parameters cause it to be useless against air targets. I would expect this could be solved by some simple parameter changes for the radar scripts.

EDIT: Let me know if you need more info, or a demo mission.

Think this ticket can be closed again as one better describing the current problem exists.

It is located here:

Though I find it shocking this ticket has been there since september 2013 and has never even been acknowledged or assigned to be looked at. It's a shame this problem still exists, it really breaks up games involving AA vehicles and air units.

Closing then. Thanks.