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Feature request: HAZMAT / NBC suits
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Seeing the introduction of the 'device', which looks very good, I think I would like to see some NBC suits to go with it. This could enable missions to take a quite nuclear twist.


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Well, there is a mention of chemical weapons in the Field Manual :D this would be sweet.

@gutsnav - Which section does it say that in?

SPOILER ALERT- Tis a Earthquake Bomb, no Radiation Involved here, none of the nearby scientists (They were shot dead, mind you) were wearing any protection

Under the "Health" section, look through some of the topics. It says that you can suffocate underwater, or from being closed in a room or chemical weapons or something. Sadly they probably don't have a chemical weapons feature planned (not that chemical weapons are good in real life, but neither is anything else in war games. it's just cool in the game).

i am voting up if the feature is implemented, chemical weapons would add a lot more of realism to the game mostly for mod makers when trying to simulate terrorists threats.

This feature would only be practical if chemical threats were implemented ingame. There's no reason to add NBC suits unless the game has chemical threats that require them.