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Resolved/CanBeClosed: Destroying Edtior Objects / damage _x script call always returns 0 since 1.14
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i am the creator of the mission "invade altis" and i had several user complaints about non-solvable side missions.

i use existing editor objects (e.g. trafo stations) in my side missions, if the player destroys them, the mission is solved.

since the last mission, the "damage" script call returned the correct damage of the objects, since 1.14, the reported damage is always 0 - i checked the return value today with "diag_log" after the user reports.

the users also reported, that they had the same issues with other missions and i too did not change anything regarding that issue, so IMHO it is a 100% ARMA 1.14 issue.


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just destroy e.g. a build in trafo station and check the damage with the "damage" script call.

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No idea how can you say it's a 100% arma 1.14 issue before making enough test?

Here's the trafo station you want and now I destoryed it:

([0,0,0] nearestObject 1591013) setdamage 1

Watch damage still works:

damage ([0,0,0] nearestObject 1591013)//1

It worked before 1.14 and i changed nothing... so it must be some change with the new Arma version.

However, i will retest with your setting and report back!

I did some further testing and the cause of the broken missions is, that the ID numbers of the editor objects changed with 1.14.

So, the damage function works, but we all have to alter the missions working with IDs...