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Tank Crew leaving Tank if its hit in the tracks
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It seems that the crews of the T-100 and M2A1 leaves the tank as soon as its hit, even though it still have combat capabilities and there is targets around.


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Make a short mission with one of each tank, be gunner, and hit the other tank. When the crew leaves the tank and you have killed them, go to the other tank at look at the damage done.

In my last test it hit the T-100 in the tracks, crew abandon the vehicle, I shoot them. Then I got to the damaged T-100. I target my own M2A1 and hit it in the tracks, crew leaves again...

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I have tried the above in both release and dev build

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So... If you are sitting in a tank and the track is blown out, you would sit there? I wouldn't. I'd rather get shot than get trapped in a burning tank. At least you can still run if you get out.

If I was in the gunners seat of a tank I´d definitely stay there(if the gun is still working)

Crews are trained to stay with the tank. You -never- abandon your vehicle unless it is positively unable to continue to fight.

In game terms, that means only if it is extremely badly damged and about to blow, or if the gun is rendered non-functional. Otherwise, you are better protected inside the tank than outside.

Also, I already ticketed this problem here:

Sorry InstaGoat, I didn't see yours :(

But as it is right now it close to no use. Try to be gunner in an AI controlled T-100. If it takes one non-killing hit, you are forced to leave the tank even though its only a track hit. The engine is still running but its no longer possible to enter the tank again... Why not let the players enter the tank again?