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*Spoiler* Moral Fiber: Failed Misison even though enemy armor was destroyed.
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So far I am liking how final episode of the campaign is, and so far I have not experienced any bugs until when I got to the Moral Fiber mission. When I got to the tank I was allowed to call in artillery and when I did it said that the tank was destroyed.

I then got the message from Nikos that he was no too happy that I shelled pyrgos again. I then proceeded to try and look and kill every AAF/CSAT forces in pyrgos to complete the objective to secure it.

After awhile of searching and killing the AAF in the area, I figured I killed all the AAF forces, but the objective did not complete and then shortly afterwords it said "Mission Failed". I was like how did I fail, did I go to far into the town or something?

Then on the debriefing screen it said that "you have failed to neutralize enemy armor and they have suffered too many casulties" - somewhere on those lines. I did not know how I could have failed it, since the tank was destroyed by artillery

I hope this gets resolved since this would really be bad if I cannot finish the mission because it can fail even though the tank is destroyed.


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I just reloaded a save and the same thing happened to me again. I think it may have to deal with that maybe I am timed on securing the town. Since clearly the tank has been neutralized when I called an artillery strike on it previously.

I noticed that one of the soldiers was still shooting at something, but I can't see what hes shooting at. I guess I'll have to keep trying to find that soldier; otherwise, I am stuck and cannot progress any further into the campaign.

I have resolved it. I do not know if this is how it was planned in the mission, but it seems that the player is timed on destroying that tank. It seems though that the timer does not stop when the tank is destroyed.

So to help others that may experience this when they get to this point, be advised that there is a timer and the timer continues until all AAF forces near that secure objective are neutralized.

Hi and thank you for taking the time to report this.
I found that the problem was the debriefing texts were switched, because there is also a timeout for you to seize the enemy area, after destroying the tank.

The current timeout is 360 seconds to seize the enemy position, you were taking more then this time and the wrong ending (bug) was being shown.

I fixed this particular issue, expect it on the development branch at the beginning of the next week.

Thank you.

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Is the fix out yet?

I blew up the tank with the satchel and killed all remaining enemies, but still fail.

The ending is "You did not follow orders."

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