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Game crashes at random intervalls.
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The game crashes for no apparent reason. The workload on my system doesn't seem to matter either, and my OS is not giving me any crash reports. This issue showed up after the last update. Issue appears in both stable and dev-build. {F23495} {F23496} {F23497}


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Game Crash

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I need .mdpm and .bidmp files too. They are files with same date and time in name like this .rpt file.

Thank you.

I have since reinstalled the game, but i still have the same issue, so here are the files from today! I should also add that I tried using older GPU drivers, since the issue appeared to be linked to directX. This worked for about two days of playing, then the issue reappeared. Thank you!

I had the same issue, I uploaded .mdpm .bidmp .rpt files here - It started random crashing in MP after 1.14 update.

@rikardgladt: Could you upload crashdumps from actual version please? Thank you.

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