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AI can throw invisible grenades underwater
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I was messing around with zeus as a diver, I spawned 2 enemy divers, while i was killing the first one, explosions started to happen, and I noticed the other enemy diver was just floating there and random explosions started to happen and ended up killing me. In the kill feed it says it was a grenade from the AI.

The issue is, players can't throw grenades underwater, but AI can. They also lack any animations and the grenade isn't visible at all. So the player ends up getting blow up by something he can't see nor can do.


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Swimming and Diving
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load up editor
  2. Place player as diver and zeus
  3. Play
  4. Open zeus
  5. Spawn enemy opfor divers
  6. drag them under water
  7. set a suprise ambush for them by hiding by a underwater create
  8. use zeus to command them to attack you
  9. Once you start shooting, they will try throwing grenades at you to kill you behind cover
  10. you end up dieing from grenades.

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+1 confirmed. extremely annoying.