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Fighter Jets act like bricks!
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So far I've found the jets in Arma3 to be impossible to handle as they keep stalling from lack of speed. I've played a few Flight Sim games and I already have a feel of how planes can handle and how to prevent them from stalling, but in arma 3 if you turn the jet ever so slightly it starts to loss a major loss of momentum and thus stalls causing the plane to plummet to the ground if you don't have enough altitude to correct the stall. To be honest the commercial planes like the boeing 747 in FSX handle and turn better then some of the military jets in Arma3. Please FIX this issue because jets are terrible, and helicopters are such a better choice. Also there is no animation for the pilot moving the flight stick it kind of ruins the immersion. Thank you


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Either jump in a jet or try out the jet showcase in the Dev build

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AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 6:11 PM

There aren't any fighter jets in the game.

That's because BIS has not separated Engine THRUST from "BRAKING". If you reduce thrust in an ARMA3 plane, it's effectively the same thing as slamming on the brakes!

If BIS ever improves the flight model, I hope they separate air brakes (and wheel brakes) from engine thrust.

Personally, I think this is the biggest problem/issue with the airplane flight model. And I believe it absolutely destroys any small hint of realism or enjoyment in the ARMA3 AIRPLANE flight model.

There is two jets in the game one of them is the air to air type and the other is a air to ground type. there still jets and they handle worse then passenger planes.

Yes I believe this is the case but even when you have the trust all the way to the limit it still stalls almost immediately when you turn.

@heybern69 this. we need separate systems for all 3 of these things.
but also, as AD2001 said there are no fighter jets. If you are talking about the Buzzard, just be more gentle with the controls. It's not that bad a jet. If you are talking about the new CAS jets, go play Battlefield. As a DCS A-10 player, I can confirm that the A-164 and To-199 have pretty realistic handling.

@the Demongod The planes in the game are jets as there propelled by jet engines instead of propellers. And no they stall when you turn them ever so slightly, look on youtube for this issue. The helicopters in the game handle so much better then the planes its almost like no effort was put into the planes at all. The handle worse then commercial planes in FSX on realistic settings.

@the Demongod also the plane handling is so much better in DCS, listen I know the planes wont be as good as a flight sim, but I expect them to not stall every time I turn.

are you mainly talking about the Buzzard jet, or the two new CAS jets? Personally I use a joystick and pedals to fly, so maybe preventing stalling is much easier with my setup? I haven't really played any other setup enough to know how the planes handle using keyboard or something.

I use a Logitech 3d pro joystick, and the planes for some reason stall in Arma 3 compared to other games I've played, it feels like the planes have no real power there suppose to be able to turn quickly but if i alter the course slightly it starts to lose maybe 150kph almost instantly and as stated before trusting and braking are completely different there needs to be a key binding for braking separately because you don't really have much control, even when I go to taxi to the runway I cant do so at a normal speed.

I certainly agree on the part about separate brakes for the wheels (independent of engine power), we need that for short runway takeoffs anyway
I don't really notice such stalling with the CAS jets. sure, it is hard to maintain 800 kph when on a strafing run, but I almost never see it drop below 200 or turn red (stalling). I only have encountered stalling when dogfighting other aircraft, but the CAS jets are not designed for that at all. Make sure you have throttle set to full while you're flying, and make gentle turns. When I'm attacking a ground target, I always fly about 1.5-2 kilometers away from it before I even initiate my turn. you might also consider lowering flaps to MVR (maneuver, the half-stage) while doing gun runs, because it lowers your stall threshold, allowing you to maneuver at lower speeds.

The buzzard is a different story. I agree it doesn't have enough thrust. However, if you do take the turns very slowly, it can stay at speed and flys okay then.

I still think planes need to be tweaked slightly, I hope this issue is resolved because at the moment there really isn't an advantage of using a plane over a helicopter