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To-199 Neophron - flaps only show as down when they have been lowered twice
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As per title. If you lower the flaps in the To-199 once, the flaps don't show as being down at all. If you lower them again, they come down. The same thing happens in reverse, if the flaps are physically down, they have to be brought back up twice for them to be in their correct position.


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Go into editor, place a To-199 down. In game, get into the vehicle, go to 3rd person and lower the flaps using the action menu.

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that's not true , the first time you click "Flaps Down" it lowers the FRONT flaps not the ones on the back on the wings ;)

^ this. close this issue

See PSK_Whiplash's post, he is right.
Only that "if the flaps are physically down, they have to be brought back up twice for them to be in their correct position" seems suspicious. Are you still able to reproduce this issue? Thanks

Spud added a comment.Mar 17 2014, 2:10 PM

I'll be honest, I didn't even see the front flaps so I suspect I've reported a bogus issue. If the front flaps were going down on the first press then I suspect they were going back up as well.

I'll have a look and report back.

Edit: Turns out I'm unobservant, the flaps work correctly. Many apologies, this can be closed now.

no, there are just two separate flaps, one lowered for each stage. it's all good. nothing needs to be changed I think, unless you wanted to change the order of lowering I guess..?

Thanks for the response. Closing as not a bug.