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A-164 too fast plane
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The A-164 is too fast plane for its purpose. The A-164 is copy of the A-10 (A/C) and it is known plane for its slow speed because it isn't a jet plane and its structure and fuselag doesn't support high speeds.

The plane should have a high maneuverability but low speed. For game purposes limit the top speed to 450-500km/h would be in good balance as TO-199, what is copy of Su-25 should be possible fly almost one Mach, especially when it doesn't have Vikhr loadout slowing it down. Giving a TO-199 the high speed and high acceleration (800-850km/h being max speed) and for A-164 a slow speed and slow acceleration would balance the units.


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Um, the A-10 can go up to over 700 km/h, it is a jet aircraft, and for "game purposes" the top speed would be maybe 750-800 km/h because of better engines than the A-10C.

The Yak-130 can go just over 1,000 km/h, which is subsonic. (Speed of sound = about 1,234 km/h)

Not sure what the top speeds of these aircraft are in-game, but that isn't the problem. The problem with them "in-game" is that they don't produce enough lift. They slowly nose down into the ground, and when you roll there is no lateral movement. Unfortunately BIS hasn't hired a Czech jet pilot to test their aircraft, so the current flight model is crap.

^ they are perfectly fine and realistic. if you don't like it, then fly slower.

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The ~800km/h is the critical limit when the plane is doing high attack angle. Otherwise you can get ~700km/h on sea level when flying without any weapons or ammo, just with flares.

Add typical loadout and A-10 cruising speed is around 550km/h, what drops in combat quickly to around 400-500km/h range when manoeuvring and wanted to do CAS with the cannon.

A-10C isn't fast plane at all. And answer isn't "fly slower" as you can't be stupid to believe that players in multiplayer would fly slower so the plane would behave more realistic by that way, they go and push acceleration button to stay in max speed almost all the time.