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No option in difficulty settings to disable the Peripheral Dots
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You arent able to enable or disable the Peripheral Dots (white points at the
screen edges that target vehicles, units, etc.) themselves in the game options. You just can turn them into a transparenter from when you are playing on the diffiulty preset "elite". But you can´t turn them off and they hinder the immersion to an infantry soldier very very much.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. go to game options
  2. go to difficluty

3a select a preset what you want
3b or select normal and configure each setting part as you want it exactly to be
4a the dots are everytime on your screen
4b you can´t select a "peripheral dots" option so they´re everytime on your screen

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No one likes them, they get on all our nerves and they are used for abuse in PvP Multiplayer for spotting Enemies (their vehicles).
The dots are in the devbranch game version, too.

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Wasnt that supposed to be


, or is that only ArmA2 ?

Please add this option in the game settings...

The vision aids have been disabled in all presets except Recruit (upcoming Dev Branch update)

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yippie, thanks!

can be disabled with visionAid = 0; in difficulty