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You can shot the commander of the FV 720 Mora of Independent
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He dies with one shot of any bullet in the game. I shot one bullet of the p07 at his budy and he was instantly dead. He turned out his head but he was already dead and you can get in the vehicle. If the vehicle isnt locked you can get in as commander and give the vehicle team orders. Any fraction can do this, because I tested all of them. {F23467}


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. go to the right or left side of the tank.
  2. aim unter the turrent in the gap between turrent and tank
  3. shot at him, he is sitting lake the driver does
  4. he is after one bullet of a pistol already dead.

get in as commander if the tank isnt locked

  1. switch between the slots and you can drive / shot / command
Additional Information

I tested this issue in the normal game version. I dont know if it is in the devbranch the same.

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