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AAF need an Attack Helicopter
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The AAF feels uncomplete without some units (for example artillery), and especially in the aerial area. A gunship would not only allow more diversity, but could also help modders.


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Personally I think the AAF should be equipped with the EC-665 Eurocopter Tiger gunship, but that's just what I think they should have. :3

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I say they should give AAF with Eurocopter. For Arty, a great choice would be the Gorgeon with an Artillery system turret.

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The AAF are supposed to be very weak, I'm actually surprised they even have MBTs, considering how small the country is.

They already have an attack helicopter. Also, do you have any Idea how expensive proper gunships are? They invested in tanks already, which probably bankrupted them enough to prevent them from getting any other fancy equipment. Pretty much all of their equipment is surplus by 2035, Warrior IFVs from either british or middle eastern stocks, Leopard 2s with armor kits purchased from the Asian market and Helicopters refurbished from ex-british army stocks.

EC Tigers are probably not within their price range. If anything, I could imagine them having bought one or two seriously old MI-24s from some libyan scrap-heap to have something to throw bombs at insurgents with, but they have CSAT air support for that, and their own fighters, so why bother?

And on an Island 20 kilometers on the side, what do you need Arty with ranges in excess of 50 kilometers for? They have mortars for that.

AAF have Hellcat

@Astaroth i think issue was been resolved.

Please close this ticket ^_^

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