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Add a support requester
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It would be nice to give the players in Zeus gamemodes some freedom on calling in support instead of relying on Zeus to grant it to them.
Some simplified support requester module for Zeus to place could be nice:

He could sync the module with support units(helis, jets, artillery units etc) and configure in the module attribute how many requests can be made total or per player. By default all players should be able to request supports, but the loadouts module should have a tick option for each class whether he is able to call for support or not.


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Would be nice, especially as Zeus can only lanuch the basic warheads and such, so you don't need laser designation or FOs for the artillery.

Could also just sync the support module to certain players, would also be nice to see a zeus able to create fire missions from vehicles when a player calls it in through the radio, like they would to a commander.